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Monday, July 25, 2016

5 Real Reasons Behind iPhone App Development Growth

iPhone is one of the fastest developing phones in the industry. The mobile app development has been growing tremendously. Having known to maintain its position to the top for quite a long period of time, the phone is said to come up with more interesting apps and designs leading to the ultimate success of the mobile app industry. The app development is said to take place to such a level because of the remarkable success of the mobile app industry in the market.

iPhone App Development

Where technology is presenting its major role in the app development and innovation, at the same pace, m-commerce has been seen to highly develop in the market due to the reforms. When the two solutions are combined together, they are said to give the best outcomes for its users with the ease of use and availability of service.

Although such huge developments and innovations have taken place, many sectors of the target markets of consumers are still not aware of these services and have no accessed them. Having so many competitors in the market, iPhone manages itself to stay on top because of its faster innovations and dominate the market. It even manages to leave android behind with every release of an iPhone.

Going back to the first release of the apple phone, the mobile industry has reshaped itself tremendously and has left back the top companies like android, blackberry and windows behind and lags in the competition in the present times. Android, however, still manages itself to stay back in the competition along with an apple.

Here are some reasons why we say iPhone app development is growing tremendously in the market:

Security reasons

Apple has a very pro-consumer approach. It ensures to protect its services and devices. From encryption to the general policy, everything seems perfect. It is all because of the app development industry that has enabled high security to its users.

Ubiquitous user experience

Apple’s UX being a league of its own is one of the major advantages iPhones have as compared to android. The app being able to control both the software and the hardware enables it to fit in software according to the hardware creating no defective experience to its users. It is expected that Google might work on its own phone but however, every phone imitates the apple experience.

Systematic software updates

The distribution model of android being an open source has also led it behind apple. Even when the new updates are released, users might not know. Their phone might not be compatible with the current update. But the case is the same with apple that makes it different from android and manages to stay on the top.

Customer service

If a customer needs help, the apple employees are ready to do anything. No matter what problem the user faces with the phone, apple ensures the problem to be resolved. Apple also ensures to make a follow-up call to make sure the problem is resolved.

Third party apps

The apple apps have strict guidelines which are consistent all over the apple’s app operations. They seem to work smoothly, fast and accurately. This is why an apple user has better experiences as compared to android.

The app developing process is specific and only for the apple phones which make them advanced and preferred than any other software.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Top Medical Apps to Look Out For in 2016

With the present busy lifestyle people are getting much more conscious about their health. Even the industry has responded as per the demand of the user, these days medical apps are getting recognition and as per the present scenario, there are a lot of new medical apps released each year. And every year, these apps or new apps comes with something new or innovative which gives the user a better user experience. We have picked few medical apps that innovative, informative and apps which offer valuable resources for clinicians and also patients.

medical apps

Some of these apps are free and paid. Here are some of the best medical apps for both Android and iPhone. 


Practo brings health and fitness to your phone, it saves and share your health records or booking a doctor’s appointment. All your queries are answered by qualified doctors, while everyday your health and fitness gets its fuel from exclusive expert tips. This app permits you to inquire and book meetings with the doctors enrolled on it.

In this app you can check the Doctor’s experience, consultation fees and feedback from the past patients and after that you can book arrangements from his/her smartphone.

Presently, there are around 2,00,000/- confirmed Doctors and Clinics crosswise with cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and etc. This application you can download for free on Android and iPhone Devices.


Medscape can be utilized by physicians, medical students, nurses and other healthcare professionals for clinical information. It provides fast and accurate clinical answers at the point of care. It notifies the client on therapeutic news and gives them a chance to utilize restorative number crunchers by means of the application itself. You can use this app offline and comes free on Android and iPhone Devices.


Micromedex provides on the go access to the industry’s most trusted and comprehensive drug information, whenever it is needed the most. The users will be at ease to know that the content is backed by the same thorough, unbiased editorial process. It contains concise information on more than 4500 search items, covering all the common needs. You can use this app offline and you have to pay for it.

Red Cross First Aid

Accidents can happen at anytime and at anyplace, this app gives us expert advice for everyday emergencies. It guides you to regular medical aid situations, be it asthma or a broken bone. It gives you a large group of quizzes and safety tips seeing normal accidents to major, it helps making you calm so that you don’t panic in case an accident occur. This app is free on Android and iPhone.

Doctor’s On Demand

Have a Video Visit with a board-certified physician, psychologist or more from the comfort of home! It’s free to sign-up - with no subscription fees. Doctor On Demand doctors and psychologists are rigorously screened, board-certified, and practice in your state.

Doctor On Demand is perfect for you or your children, to address mild infections, cough / cold / allergies / flu, pediatric questions, and emotional health concerns. Physicians focus on your care, with no interruptions or distractions.

With the help of these apps you can get Medical advice with touch on your smartphone screen. These apps will save your time and you don't have to wait in a long que for your turn.

Download these app and share your experience with us on the comments sections below.

AppInventiv is a leading healthcare app development company. Since inception, our developed healthcare solutions have helped our clients gain maximum return on their investment. We have worked closely with tech startups, medical professionals and established healthcare brands in specialized industries, thus, fostering prosperous and enduring partnerships.

If you have any queries regarding medical apps do contact us.