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Monday, July 25, 2016

5 Real Reasons Behind iPhone App Development Growth

iPhone is one of the fastest developing phones in the industry. The mobile app development has been growing tremendously. Having known to maintain its position to the top for quite a long period of time, the phone is said to come up with more interesting apps and designs leading to the ultimate success of the mobile app industry. The app development is said to take place to such a level because of the remarkable success of the mobile app industry in the market.

iPhone App Development

Where technology is presenting its major role in the app development and innovation, at the same pace, m-commerce has been seen to highly develop in the market due to the reforms. When the two solutions are combined together, they are said to give the best outcomes for its users with the ease of use and availability of service.

Although such huge developments and innovations have taken place, many sectors of the target markets of consumers are still not aware of these services and have no accessed them. Having so many competitors in the market, iPhone manages itself to stay on top because of its faster innovations and dominate the market. It even manages to leave android behind with every release of an iPhone.

Going back to the first release of the apple phone, the mobile industry has reshaped itself tremendously and has left back the top companies like android, blackberry and windows behind and lags in the competition in the present times. Android, however, still manages itself to stay back in the competition along with an apple.

Here are some reasons why we say iPhone app development is growing tremendously in the market:

Security reasons

Apple has a very pro-consumer approach. It ensures to protect its services and devices. From encryption to the general policy, everything seems perfect. It is all because of the app development industry that has enabled high security to its users.

Ubiquitous user experience

Apple’s UX being a league of its own is one of the major advantages iPhones have as compared to android. The app being able to control both the software and the hardware enables it to fit in software according to the hardware creating no defective experience to its users. It is expected that Google might work on its own phone but however, every phone imitates the apple experience.

Systematic software updates

The distribution model of android being an open source has also led it behind apple. Even when the new updates are released, users might not know. Their phone might not be compatible with the current update. But the case is the same with apple that makes it different from android and manages to stay on the top.

Customer service

If a customer needs help, the apple employees are ready to do anything. No matter what problem the user faces with the phone, apple ensures the problem to be resolved. Apple also ensures to make a follow-up call to make sure the problem is resolved.

Third party apps

The apple apps have strict guidelines which are consistent all over the apple’s app operations. They seem to work smoothly, fast and accurately. This is why an apple user has better experiences as compared to android.

The app developing process is specific and only for the apple phones which make them advanced and preferred than any other software.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Top Medical Apps to Look Out For in 2016

With the present busy lifestyle people are getting much more conscious about their health. Even the industry has responded as per the demand of the user, these days medical apps are getting recognition and as per the present scenario, there are a lot of new medical apps released each year. And every year, these apps or new apps comes with something new or innovative which gives the user a better user experience. We have picked few medical apps that innovative, informative and apps which offer valuable resources for clinicians and also patients.

medical apps

Some of these apps are free and paid. Here are some of the best medical apps for both Android and iPhone. 


Practo brings health and fitness to your phone, it saves and share your health records or booking a doctor’s appointment. All your queries are answered by qualified doctors, while everyday your health and fitness gets its fuel from exclusive expert tips. This app permits you to inquire and book meetings with the doctors enrolled on it.

In this app you can check the Doctor’s experience, consultation fees and feedback from the past patients and after that you can book arrangements from his/her smartphone.

Presently, there are around 2,00,000/- confirmed Doctors and Clinics crosswise with cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and etc. This application you can download for free on Android and iPhone Devices.


Medscape can be utilized by physicians, medical students, nurses and other healthcare professionals for clinical information. It provides fast and accurate clinical answers at the point of care. It notifies the client on therapeutic news and gives them a chance to utilize restorative number crunchers by means of the application itself. You can use this app offline and comes free on Android and iPhone Devices.


Micromedex provides on the go access to the industry’s most trusted and comprehensive drug information, whenever it is needed the most. The users will be at ease to know that the content is backed by the same thorough, unbiased editorial process. It contains concise information on more than 4500 search items, covering all the common needs. You can use this app offline and you have to pay for it.

Red Cross First Aid

Accidents can happen at anytime and at anyplace, this app gives us expert advice for everyday emergencies. It guides you to regular medical aid situations, be it asthma or a broken bone. It gives you a large group of quizzes and safety tips seeing normal accidents to major, it helps making you calm so that you don’t panic in case an accident occur. This app is free on Android and iPhone.

Doctor’s On Demand

Have a Video Visit with a board-certified physician, psychologist or more from the comfort of home! It’s free to sign-up - with no subscription fees. Doctor On Demand doctors and psychologists are rigorously screened, board-certified, and practice in your state.

Doctor On Demand is perfect for you or your children, to address mild infections, cough / cold / allergies / flu, pediatric questions, and emotional health concerns. Physicians focus on your care, with no interruptions or distractions.

With the help of these apps you can get Medical advice with touch on your smartphone screen. These apps will save your time and you don't have to wait in a long que for your turn.

Download these app and share your experience with us on the comments sections below.

AppInventiv is a leading healthcare app development company. Since inception, our developed healthcare solutions have helped our clients gain maximum return on their investment. We have worked closely with tech startups, medical professionals and established healthcare brands in specialized industries, thus, fostering prosperous and enduring partnerships.

If you have any queries regarding medical apps do contact us.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

10 Tips For Choosing The Top Rated App Development Company

Vowing to the growing demand for Mobile apps for businesses, the number of Mobile app development companies are mushrooming in the Mobile market. However, not every company can be reliable, for you to blindly invest and get a Mobile app developed by them. There are several factors, which make a Mobile app development company, trust worthy of offering genuine and worth the money services. Here are a few brilliant tips, which can serve well for choosing the best company for your Mobile app project.

top rated app development company

1. Timely delivery

For investing in a Mobile App, the first and foremost factor you have to consider is, you should be getting your Mobile App in time, without any delay. After investing millions on your Mobile app project, if you don’t get it in time, then it is a huge wastage for you in terms of opportunity and cost.

2. Credentials of Mobile app developers

Developing a Mobile application requires certain skill sets. For example, knowledge of Objective-C is required for App development for iOS devices, while Knowledge of Java is required for the App development for Android devices, and Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required for development of Hybrid mobile apps. Do make sure with the Mobile App development company you are going to hire, about the skill sets of developers, who will be working on your Mobile app project.

3. Samples to show

You should definitely not hire top mobile app developers, without having looked at some of their previous works. Samples can give you an idea of how well they will be able to handle your Mobile app project, even if the samples may not be the same industry or domain, which your business belongs to.

4. Ideas for Mobile app

Although it is true that you as a business owner can have the best idea with regard to the required features in your Mobile app, the Mobile app development company should also be in a position to suggest few features for App, which can possibly drive sales and convert leads for your business. This is also a good way of judging if the Mobile app developers have understood your business, for coming up with an apt mobile app.

5. Client references

You can probably get this on their website, through their testimonial section. However, do check with them about the brands they have worked for. Word of mouth is possibly the best way of judging the company’s reliability. You may want to contact the clients whom they have serviced, to have their opinions on the Mobile app development company you are going to hire.

6. Find out who will develop your Mobile App

For saving on cost, Mobile app development companies, generally outsource the work to the workers overseas. Although this can definitely save you on cost, you might end up receiving a poor quality Mobile app, as a justice to the cost. It is more important for you to know about who are going to work on your Mobile app, than saving on cost.

7. Experience

Experience is one of the major factors which need to be considered. Today, the increased demand for mobile apps has resulted in newbies entering the market. However, they may not have enough knowledge and experience to deliver an App, which can match the quality of Mobile apps developed by companies, who are into providing this service for years. Experienced companies very well know the inside out of the App development, as compared to the novices, who have just begun their journey.

8. Provide you with the regular progress updates

Make sure with the app development company you hire that they can provide you with daily, weekly, or fortnightly updates about the work progress. This will give you an advantage of knowing if they are on par, for meeting the deadline of the project, without a delay.

9. Available for contact through various means

It is also very important to know if they can be contacted by you through Live chat, Skype, Phone, Email, etc., for giving your 24/7 customer support and answering your queries.

10. Free technical support and maintenance

A app development Company should provide you with the support and maintenance, even after the handover, for bug fixing and solving technical issues. It is of not any use, if the App is delivered to you, and you are finding it difficult to sail through its technical complexities. Henceforth, a minimum of 3 months free support, till you get adapted to the app becomes very necessary.

With the aforesaid tips, you can be enough sure of choosing the top rated app development company in the market. You will be able to avail the most reliable services, which can bring out a Mobile app that can stand out in the Mobile market.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Mobile App Business Costs For Startups And Entrepreneurs

It is important for startups to move quickly in their business, following the correct vision and mission. But moving too fast without any knowledge of what others are doing could even kill them. You can’t just wing it, you need to analyze, understand and develop strategies before you move.

App Business Cost for Startups

We know the online presence of a business is extremely important without which it is difficult or nearly impossible to see your business growing the market. But having an online presence alone is not sufficient as people are shifting from the web to mobile. So, you need a business application to make yourself familiar to your potential customers whose lives are restricted to their smartphones.


Having a business website is not enough. If you really wish to bring your business to the 21st century, you need to reach to your customers’ mobile devices through a nicely designed and functional business app. Those who plan to build a mobile app for the first time have many questions in their mind like Is it useful? Does it make any sense? How will people come to know about my business app? How much does it cost to build an app? And much more such questions keep knocking in the mind of entrepreneurs who are new to the app world. Once they get sure about its use and benefits, then they are left with one question “But how much is it going to cost?”

The simple way to answer this question is – When you enquire a property advisor about how much will it cost to build a house, he will just ask you to answer a few questions – are you looking for a bungalow or duplex? Do you want it to be constructed with wood or brick? Do you want a custom home or a tract home? Just like building a house require information about different variable; in the same way, developing an app has endless variables. In order for an app developer to be able to tell you about the cost of an app development, you must first decide the desired qualities you are looking forward in your business app.


Define what you want: The first thing you need to do is defining what kind of features you wish to have in your business app. The finest way to do this developing a storyboard or wireframe of your app as it will capture app functionality and flow. This will contribute in deciding the app cost.

Understand app details: The very next thing that will impact the development and cost of your business application is app details like integrating app to an existing background or developing an absolutely new backend. You can also integrate you app to third party vendor as it will reduce the cost of certain app features like mobile commerce or push notifications. Moreover, Complex apps will cost you more and vice versa.

Getting an estimate: Once the wireframe has been decided, you can get a cost estimate from an app developer. You can choose a freelance app developer or hire a app development company that deals in app development. Hiring an agency will cost you high as compared to freelancer, but there will be a guarantee of complete security and privacy. You can also DIY (Do-It-Yourself) if you have knowledge and experience in application development.

It is suggested that one should spend time in developing wireframe as it will help you swill down your concepts and assist the developer to come up with a solid quote.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Tips To Hire a Technically Well-versed Android Application Developer

Android is a Linux based operating system. And, according to Apache License, Google has added Android as an open source-mobile OS. The huge popularity graph of Android-powered devices have reached the highest level of fame and so is the demand of Android apps. This is also increasing the need of technically well-versed Android app developers.

hire android application developers

With the rapid advancements in technology and enormous potential, there are unlimited technically well-versed experts who develop top-notch apps. Companies are looking for adept mobile app developers, if you want to get an extraordinary app developed for this platform. Below mentioned tips will help you find the better Android developer:

Look for the experts:

Always choose proficient experts for your mobile app projects. The experts are the ones who have well-versed experience. And, more the developers have experience, the more quality product he will deliver. Because experience adds more proficiency and professionalism to mobile app developers.

Cost Involved:

Usually companies try to spend less money without compromising on quality. And, you should always look for developers who can build your project at cost-effective prices.

Strict deadlines:

If you want popularity, you need to find a professional who always follows the deadline and submits the project in that period only. The availability of mobile app at right time can impact affect its adoption and popularity.

Quality maintenance:

A well-versed company will always take quality as its priority. Hire the company that ensures an exceptional quality for the project. Today, there are more than 1200, 000 apps available on Google play. And, there apps with out of the box qualities will  outshine as usual. So, undoubtedly, quality makes a difference.

Study Client's testimonials and previous projects:

Do in-depth research and always analyze the previous projects of the firm you want to look for. By focusing on the apps, they have created earlier and checking the graphics quality, functionality standards, time involved in the development, user comments, reviews and number of downloads, you can choose the right Android app development company or Android app developer.

Grab the Experts:

Find out the genre of the app, which you want to get developed by the company you have chosen for your app development, then find the expert professionals for that particular genre.

Hire reputed and recognized organizations:

By hiring the right mobile development partner, you can meet your business requirements and goals. But try not to hire a freelancer or individual developer until you see their testimonials and excellence in projects and get satisfied clients.

Hope the above mentioned tips will help you in hiring the best Android application developer or best Android app development company to get a market-centric end-product.

Monday, May 30, 2016

How to Choose the Best Approach for Mobile App Development?

In his technologically driven era, mobile apps have become an integral part of each and every organization. In fact, the success rate of an organization is measured by the revenue generation ability of that particular organization through the usage of apps. Developing technically innovative and interactive apps not only ensures in winning a number of new customers but also ensure that the revenue trends of the organization witness an upward surge from time to time.

Using proper adaption and penetrative techniques, not only new customers can be allured, but also existing customers can be retained to a greater extent. Often companies are in a fix or face the dilemma of making the right choice because of the constant influx of new technologies being developed day to day. There are multiple channels which are emerging to reach the mobile apps every now and then, in the terms of technology, platforms and user experience.

While making a mobile application development strategy certain points must be kept in mind, for instance, should the app be targeted across all the app platforms, does the app need a uniform UX for the app across all the platforms, what is the EOL of the apps etc. Mobile app development is certainly a complicated field and multifarious options are available for the same.

The needs of applications differ from one organization to the other. The environment of development will depend mainly on the budget, the amount of content, the target audience, functionalities as well as the requirement of the organization. In order to choose the best platform for the mobile app development, it is important to analyze each of them and determine the pros and cons of them thoroughly.


Native apps are generally built for two systems which are iOS and android. Whenever we need to create an application for a single platform, we can choose the native app which quite expensive in terms of cost. Depending on the framework to be used, the cost of native apps may vary considerably. With the constant introduction and influx of new gadgets, this option might not be much cost effective.

Numerous numbers of people are resorting to the HTML5 for mobile app development because it ensures that the digital content and the features of the application can translate easily across the devices, different networks, and operating systems as well. Another big advantage of using HTML5 is that any content whether it is in Word, flash, PDF or any format can be converted into the HTML content base. Legacy browsers can be supported if the applications are built using this platform. Native apps are certainly a better choice because they perform and look better.


The hybrid solution is perhaps another method of mobile app development. The app is wrapped up and enclosed in a native container after being built into HTML5. One of the biggest advantages of this “low coding” is that it has enabled the business organizations and units to create mobile apps despites having a limited access to developers and programmers. Some quality frameworks which can be used for creating better hybrid apps are mainly ionic framework and Phone gap.

Different business units have different needs of a mobile app. Therefore, companies must ensure that only that kind of solution should be worked out in which companies have the flexibility to employ good team of content technologists, programmers, and developers who are specialized, effective and efficient in their skills of formulating a mobile app platforms and techniques.

Friday, May 20, 2016

5 Best Programming languages For Your Mobile app Development

There are hundreds and thousands of mobile apps that are everyday developed, installed and deleted. Today mobile apps have become the key channel for branding and revenue generation for consumers and enterprise users. A technically well-versed mobile is what required for getting a market-centric mobile app. Thus, development plays an important role in mobile. There are plenty of factors that need to be considered including mobile OS on which the app will run on, ease of writing kink-free code and the number of features it require. One of the key questions that every developer looks for - Which language can meet the requirement and promise the quality? Here are a few of the most popular and best-in-class programming languages for mobile app development:


last year, after acknowledging the need for an advanced programming language, Apple introduced Swift language, which basically is an enhanced, latest and easier-to-learn. Swift is basically a replacement to Objective-C. Swift was created by Apple to work with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, easpecially for OS X and iOS, respectively. One of the benefits of using Swift launguage is – it is much less cluttered and easier to learn and read than its predecessor.


Apple launched Objective-C . And, it has become an official programming language for apps, developed for mobile and desktop (Mac OS) operating systems. An OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) language, whose code is written around various “objects” that include their own data and logic.


Sun Microsystems built Java and soon it has become one of the major mobile Oss. Android has its own programming language : Java. And, this object-oriented language has helped mobile app developers build code that can easily run on multiple environments,  browsers, virtual machines and different platforms.  By using Java, developers are able to accelerate mobile apps’ development and deployment processes. In turn, this helps in creating and reusing code.


A language that is mostly used for building Android mobile apps. Python is object-oriented language that features dynamic and advance data structures for the rapid mobile app development and testing. Python developers can easily and quickly test and debug code, which could easily and  potentially be reused for other  mobile apps. Being one of the effective languages, this language is extremely effective and used for writing scripts with the capabilty to bind the existing software components.


HTML5 is a best-in-class web-frontend app for mobile devices. One of the benefits of using HTML5 is its cost involved. Thus, if you are looking for browser-based path, HTML5 should be your primary choice.

So, What do you think? - ‘"Which programming language or tool is the “best” suitable for your mobile app development?” For choosing the preffered language ayou need to understand the category of app and what type of app it is and what features should it include. And, if you are looking for native app development on iOS, you need to build an app with a browser front-end and an app that is relatively future-oriented.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Top 7 Useful Tips For Building Awesome Mobile Apps

We all love Mobile Apps. It has completely and irreversibly changed the way we use technology. No wonder Google Play Store itself has more than 1 million apps on its market place. Yes you read that right. One Million! Let us try and analyse what makes a great app and how mobile app developers can create better apps and improve existing ones.

Tips For Building Awesome Mobile Apps


Navigation of the App should be clean and simple, the interface non cluttered and exciting. One must understand that most people that will use the app will be non technical.


The app must be Useful and Easy to Use, Sounds rather straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many apps out there make the users want to go for a tech diploma. Not to mention these are the apps that consistently get one star. You don’t want that. Like ever.


There’s no substitute to Hard Work. We all know that. The apps know that too. Only in their language it’s called Performance. The apps should load fast, look nice, should be engaging and be technically superior to the peers. That’s it.


The app must be able to interact with the users. The push notifications must be used to let the users know of new happenings and updates. The users must be encouraged to know all the features of the app and try to use those.


Data is expensive. And in some parts of the world, erratic. That little time of data outage can be the defining factor between business and no business. Offline usability is a big thin these days and App users must try and encourage the users to use the app for longer, with or without the data connection.


It is important that the app grows by recommendation of users and by word of mouth. There is no publicity like free publicity. The app must be easy to share, perhaps have a built in incentive for sharing.


This is one of the most important considerations. Feedback from the users must be sought and taken very, very seriously. Remember that there are 1 million apps on Play Store alone. Never forget that. Feedback is what can actually tell you how you compare to some of the others out there, and by the users themselves. Feedback must be used as a tool of constant evaluation and improvement. A company without customers is no company. A company without feedback evaluation is neither.


Whereas the app industry is rapidly growing, it is important to understand that the customer has an immensely huge choice too. The apps have to be engaging, simple to use and make the customer use it over and over again. Keeping these in mind app developers of today should try and have an absolute customer centric focus. It’s a buyer’s market out there as far as apps are concerned.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5 Ways Mobile Apps Will Transform Healthcare

As per the survey by Research2Guidance, there are 100,000 plus mobile health round the globe, with more than 4million free downloads daily. By 2017, it is estimated that these app services are to reach $26bn (£15bn).

Healthcare apps offer you ease of work and immense comfort. With ample benefits for various health issues, here are some of them. Explore and make the best use.

healthcare app development - AppInventiv

1. Medscape

It is a mobile app optimized for point-of-care decision making. Easily accessible and available on app store and Google play. It gives information on drugs, procedures, pill identifiers, conditions and lot more. It gives a facility to visually identify drugs, OTCs etc. a pill identifier tool helps in many other things which are beneficial for the users. Further, you can have a look quickly at dosages and medications. Important information regarding the healthcare of the patient can be obtained. Also, you can consult a clinical reference database which is automatically updated time to time.

2. Weight loss apps

Fed up with your obesity, tired of frequent visits to the doctor? Here, is the perfect thing for you. Now, convert your mobile into a trainer to give you apt and relevant information. Many apps that deal with same. All your food intakes, your run keeper and maintains a fully-fledged time table to set your routine. Get in shape and be ready to flaunt in such a simple way.

3. Allergy apps

If you are allergic to certain things, there is an app called allergy FT, an awesome healthcare app. If you are travelling to countries like France, Germany, Spain, this app is capable of translating 60 different kinds of food allergies into the native language for the hawker, waiter or the vendor.

4. Emergency apps

When there Is an emergency, all you need to do is enter all your health information like allergies, medications, insurance, conditions etc and it will be displayed to the one in need. As per your demand, doctors and responders will help you out as soon as possible after they are bale to unlock the screen.

5. Health care app developers

Many software experts and medical experts come up together to make best use of the upcoming technologies for the betterment of the people. Especially when it comes to health, we are more concerned. These masters develop apps for your Android or iOS for easy and quick access. Any kind of healthcare issues can be easily sorted on such portals along with proper advice and medication from doctors. One such software is “pathfinder” which integrates with all medical devices and generates reports in a nick of time. There is another team called “innoppl” working for the same and similar projects.

About AppInventiv

AppInventiv is one of the best app development companies – the best mobility partner to all your health app requirements. The company has achieved high recognition in tech space  because of working with a few of the world-class healthcare centers.

Monday, April 25, 2016

5 Easy Prototype Tools for Your Web App

Prototyping is a very great and a handy tool especially when it comes to bridging the gap between the idea which you have formulated about the product and its actual implementation. Today, there are ample numbers of tools which are available online which help you to develop your application in a meaningful way. A proper wireframing and prototyping are needed when you are designing your web application and this should be at your fingertips.

Tools for Your Web App

A good prototyping tool will allow to you to expand your ideas, see the web app from a larger perspective and also avoid mistakes later. You can add a number of gestures, images and transitions in order to make your prototype be portrayed as a real website or an application. Apart from this, real codes from the design elements can be created in order to give a more enriched web application. Here are some prototypes tools which you can make use of for creating a more impressionable web application.


Frame box is a useful tool which is used in the beginning of a post. It facilitates the development of online prototypes which can be shared from one web app to another. It is a very basic tool which is used for designing and it can be easily used if you want very simple and lucid overlay options for your design. A further extension of this tool is the wireframe which provides a more modern look than this conventional one and used as a support for the mobile devices and tablets.


If you want to create some interactive prototypes for your mobile applications then mock plus is a good tool which can be used with a lot of ease. It provides a clean user interface and users can go for it even if they are at any level of experience. There are many components of interactions which can be used such as popup menus, image creator which can simply be used with the option of drag and drop. This wireframe tool was basically developed by software LLC.


Iplotz is another prototyping tool with the help of which you can create easy to click and navigable wireframes for your mobile application. After your project becomes ready you can easily deploy developers and designers to build and work on that project. You can also invite feedbacks and comments from other people on your design with the help of this tool.


Ninja mock is another convenient and easy to use tool which can be used for creating graphic designs such as making use of stencils which comes in the special toolbox. To create a quick design, there are multifarious options to choose from with the help of which you can create custom elements and images .It also comes with a very powerful vector editor for editing custom elements.


Savah wireframe creation platform is used whenever you want to make some creative and inspired wireframe project. For collaboration purposes, you can use built-in support and different reviews for clients. With a lot of congenial features, this app has the capacity to function as a desktop tool or a mobile application.