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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

How much does iPhone Application Development Cost?

You have got a multi-million dollar iPhone app idea and are excited to put it into practice for your business success. But is it so easy? iPhone application development is an expensive task. Besides finding the right mobile app partner, you also need to ponder on the time, cost and efforts involved. You can’t risk your whole saving into the app development, especially when struggling in a competitive market like today's’.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Why are Users Ditching Your Mobile Application?

When you have launched your mobile application, you might have enjoyed hundreds of downloads and installs. But, is this what you can call as an App Success? No! It’s true that there was a time when getting your app downloaded was a triumph. But, today the competition is too tough that it is hard to keep the users attracted to your app. It is more likely that the users uninstall your application or never use it more than once.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Top Benefits of Fitness Mobile Apps You Should Know!

Do you get alarmed on checking your weight? Do you resolve every year to lose weight but couldn’t follow for a long? Do you find maintaining a healthy lifestyle a challenge? Do you worry about health checkup reports? If so, then don’t panic; you are not the only one going through this.
Our lives have grown so busy that we hardly find time to focus on our body or health. We plan each day to start exercising, pay our hard-earned salary at a gym but could not possibly continue due to one or the other reason. This would have been a stressful situation, but thankfully the Health and fitness mobile apps are here to the rescue.

Google Fit, JeFit, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, and Strava are a few fitness apps that are a hype in the present world. People are widely using these apps to meet their fitness goals and remain healthy. If you have not used any such application yet and are still wondering why are people going crazy for such applications, go through the following points:

Benefits of Fitness Mobile Apps
The Fitness mobile applications developed by the top app development companies offer an ample of benefits, including:

  • The Fitness Apps make fitness routines affordable and accessible:
With a fitness mobile application in your hands or pocket, you need not rush to a gym or look for a yoga class; you can lose weight at home itself. The applications provide you a detailed description of the most effective exercises as well as allow you to track your activities for productive results. The mobile applications link you with the top trainers through the videos and chatting feature and thus, make it easier for you to get fit.

  • These apps provide flexibility:
This is one of the prime reasons why people love fitness mobile apps. Unlike gym and other fitness courses, the applications do not demand to be employed at a particular time. You can use them and get in shape at any moment in your hectic day.

  • They render customized workout routine:
The fitness tracking apps keep a track of your age, body weight, BMR and activities you perform. With the data obtained, they serve you with a routine/challenge that will be the best optimal as per your body requirements.

  • They maintain a track record:
With a fitness mobile app by your side, you need not worry to calculate or keep a record of the calories you burnt or gained. The application will do this for you! Yes, the fitness mobile apps initially ask for your details like weight, BMR and keep evaluating your progress. You can overview the efforts you made and the outcomes observed anytime from the app.

  • They encourage via healthy competitions:
A fitness application such as Strava allows you to compete with your friends and others in the virtual world. They keep all your activities into consideration, compares your efforts with others, and thereafter, announce the winner. Besides this, such apps send push notifications to remind the user about their daily fitness course.
According to the experts, such features are prompting the users to stay motivated and passionate about exercising and achieving their fitness goals. And thus, are highly in demand when it comes to top-notch mobile healthcare app development services.

The mobile apps have not just made it possible to get all the products/services at our doorsteps with a few clicks, but have also revolutionized our health and fitness activities. If you are excited to know more about the benefits of a fitness app or wish to get insider’s secret to fitness app development, contact our experts now!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

What is NDA and When to Use it in Mobile App Development?

In the present ‘highly competitive’ world, your app idea is the driving force for your business. It allows you to increase the brand presence, engage customers, prompt revenue and much more. In such a scenario, it is essential to safeguard your app idea; if stolen, you will be left with nothing but regret. When talking about securing your app idea, the most significant method available in the market is NDA.

Monday, September 25, 2017

5 Reasons You Should Launch a Business Mobile App

If you ask anyone what is their business strategy, mobile application development would undoubtedly be a part of it. With 75% of world population accessing Internet on mobile phones and mobile app economy booming at the fullest, there is no deny to the fact that mobile apps are vital for uplifting your business.

Friday, September 22, 2017

VR Technology and Its Impact on Business World

With the introduction of VR headsets, Virtual Reality has gained hype! It has not just gained fame in the mobile app development industry but has also revolutionized various other industries. The VR technology has opened new doors with its strong features; it has offered limitless opportunities to all the industries. If you are curious to know which all industries are using Virtual Reality and how they are getting benefited from them, have a look at the following:

Impact of VR Technology on Different Industries :

  • Real Estate
With the advent of Virtual reality technology, the real estate companies are able to show an interactive 3-D model of their projects to the buyers. The buyers can experience their projects and can easily make their mind. There are various hotels who are providing the opportunity to have a virtual tour of the area. This way, the VR technology is making it easier for the companies to give a glimpse of their services to the potential customers and drive sales.

  • Fashion
This innovative technology is helping the customers to easily find the right outfits for them. With the help of VR, the users can check if a particular dress or accessory will go with their looks, even without wearing them physically. They can see how they appear from all the angles and so, can easily decide what’s complementing their appearance.

  • Healthcare
Healthcare industry is completely revamped by the Virtual Reality technology, and this is why it is heavily investing in VR app development. With VR headsets, the specialized doctors can treat the patients in the remote areas, or can attend any meeting/workshop without stepping out. The surgeons can also horn their skills at surgeries by practicing through VR before implementing them on live patients.

  • Robotics
Virtual Reality technology is also enhancing the robotics industry. The remote operators, now, can employ the VR to place themselves in the mind of a robot or in a virtual pilot seat of a drone. This means you can come into action anytime when required. The very best example is NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in which the scientists can work as if their offices are on Mars.

  • Tourism
The tourism industry is also quite benefitted from the introduction of Virtual Reality. Now, the people can get a taste of exciting holiday destinations even before reaching that place. They can roam around the beautiful sites, do adventurous activities like River rafting and much more. This has helped them to choose the right traveling plans and have an exceptional experience.

  • Military
According to the top app development agency , the armed forces are already working with NASA to provide virtual training and classrooms experienced to the soldiers.They are looking forward to prepare their forces for war and other critical situations through this technology. As per our experts, the Britain’s Plextek is creating Virtual Reality programs for battlefield medics, while the Korea’s DoDAAM has built a paratrooper trained for the Rift.

  • Media
From newspaper to TV to computers, the communication has now reached to VR. Not just the recorded interviews, but the live events are also getting conducted with the help of this impressive technology. People are actually experiencing the events and movies, even when at home. They are able to become a part of video games and double the fun of playing them.

Wrapping Up!

The Virtual Reality is still at its initial. Its usage is limited to a few activities, but soon the experts will explore new ways to employ this technology and bring a new phase in the industry world. In short, though the Virtual Reality is not gaining huge momentum as expected, it is not a trend to leave the market soon. According to the surveys, the virtual reality is going to boom the industry by 2020 and VR app development will be the first need of every business then.
To stay updated with the news related to VR technology, get in touch with us! We are widely known to have a complete team of proficient, experienced and creative developers who have a strong knowledge in this phase and are developing impressive VR apps.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Choose Android App Development Platform and Develop Award-Winning Apps

Intuitive mobile apps are changing the way we work and live. There is nothing wrong in saying that mobility is a crucial part of every app and several companies are embracing it in order to gain competitive edge in the market. The main motive of every company is to connect with larger audience so as to increase the sales. This is possible through a great app that works properly on multiple platforms. Android and iOS are the two most widely preferred mobile app development platforms. However, the demand for android app development platform is growing at an enormous rate.

Friday, September 15, 2017

8 Hacks to Improve Your Mobile App Usability

The competition in the app market is at the peak. Everyone is engaged in developing a mobile application for one or the other reason. In such a situation, having a brilliant idea is not enough; you must perfectly execute the idea and deliver an outstanding experience to the users.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

In-Depth Study on UX and UI Designers

User Experience and User Interface acts as the huge difference between user delight and user dismay. Due to this, there is a huge demand for UX and UI designers. However, there is a confusion regarding differences between the roles of UX and UI designers. In this blog post, we will help you clear your confusion.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How to Outshine in the World of Android App Development?

Today, mobile apps have become the fundamental vehicle for business growth, eclipsing the websites to reach a larger audience, cater their needs and provide them best optimal services at lower efforts and expenses. Mobile applications have become the real consumer engagement device- adding real value to the business. And this is why the companies are drifting towards mobile app development, and this is a great opportunity for the developers.