5 Ways Mobile Apps Will Transform Healthcare

As per the survey by Research2Guidance, there are 100,000 plus mobile health round the globe, with more than 4million free downloads daily. By 2017, it is estimated that these app services are to reach $26bn (£15bn).

Healthcare apps offer you ease of work and immense comfort. With ample benefits for various health issues, here are some of them. Explore and make the best use.

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1. Medscape

It is a mobile app optimized for point-of-care decision making. Easily accessible and available on app store and Google play. It gives information on drugs, procedures, pill identifiers, conditions and lot more. It gives a facility to visually identify drugs, OTCs etc. a pill identifier tool helps in many other things which are beneficial for the users. Further, you can have a look quickly at dosages and medications. Important information regarding the healthcare of the patient can be obtained. Also, you can consult a clinical reference database which is automatically updated time to time.

2. Weight loss apps

Fed up with your obesity, tired of frequent visits to the doctor? Here, is the perfect thing for you. Now, convert your mobile into a trainer to give you apt and relevant information. Many apps that deal with same. All your food intakes, your run keeper and maintains a fully-fledged time table to set your routine. Get in shape and be ready to flaunt in such a simple way.

3. Allergy apps

If you are allergic to certain things, there is an app called allergy FT, an awesome healthcare app. If you are travelling to countries like France, Germany, Spain, this app is capable of translating 60 different kinds of food allergies into the native language for the hawker, waiter or the vendor.

4. Emergency apps

When there Is an emergency, all you need to do is enter all your health information like allergies, medications, insurance, conditions etc and it will be displayed to the one in need. As per your demand, doctors and responders will help you out as soon as possible after they are bale to unlock the screen.

5. Health care app developers

Many software experts and medical experts come up together to make best use of the upcoming technologies for the betterment of the people. Especially when it comes to health, we are more concerned. These masters develop apps for your Android or iOS for easy and quick access. Any kind of healthcare issues can be easily sorted on such portals along with proper advice and medication from doctors. One such software is “pathfinder” which integrates with all medical devices and generates reports in a nick of time. There is another team called “innoppl” working for the same and similar projects.

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AppInventiv is one of the best app development companies – the best mobility partner to all your health app requirements. The company has achieved high recognition in tech space  because of working with a few of the world-class healthcare centers.


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