7 Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out For In 2016

Now when the market is over-crowded and is full of apps and mobile developers. It is time to distinguish them into 3 main categories: disliked ones, amazing ones and exceptional ones. Undoubtedly, today everyone want to be a part of the third category. But as we know that things are not as easy as it seems. In order to be successful, you need to build great mobile apps, not just good apps.

Mobile App Development Trends 2016

Here’re a few latest trends that are essential for boosting their business and for reaching a larger audience:

Trend#1: Build a robust connection with Back-End Systems

Today more and more consumers require this feature often. So, your app must always be proficient of doing the same tasks repeatedly as your desktop website. Moreover, it should be well-versed and must be capable of connecting with user’s account that can easily sync with all devices.

Trend#2: High-end Security

Today, people use their Smartphones for various reasons including entertainment, education, video, games and business. And, 1 out of every 3 mobile app contains some sensitive information. So, the question arises - Does your mobile app have a high-end security?

Trend#3: Leverage Cloud Benefits

As we discussed earlier that there is a strong connection with back-end system and security. But have you ever thought? - How can we still speedily access the common files securely? Simple – through a cloud! And, today almost every mobile app developers knows this and is trying to leverage this trending technology. Mobile apps are ineffective if consumers cannot fully access, share and manage data. Leverage this amazing creation and adapt it to create incredible user experiences.

Trend#4: Fully Mobilized

Mobile app development companies should cover each and every feature of desktop version. While developing an app, think if your app cover each and every single desktop operation or you still need your PC for several actions? - The key idea behind the product is that it should cover every possible actions and should function completely independently.

Trend#5: More Automatized

Today everyone wants a mobile app to complete its every task. And, they want to do everything with smart gadgets or we can say that these are becoming an extension of human beings. So, your product should serve user’s purpose and meet their expectations, too.

Trend#6: Employ APIs for Quicker Development

Your mobile app development should go through a strong mission – it should always stay on top. But how can an app be successful if it doesn’t successfully run on every model of smartphones? – The easiest and smoothest solution of this challenge is to use APIs – by using these APIs, you can be exempted from storing tons of data and your struggle to retrieve data from old pile of records will end up. At the same time, high-end security and user authentication will be possible.

Trend#7: What to develop? - Enterprise or Consumer Apps

Selection between enterprise or consumer apps is difficult to make because you need to know - how much money you want to make? Enterprise apps comes with a lot of cash inflows as compared to consumer ones. And, the reason behind this is– Nowadays, users are not willing to invest in the mobile experience, especially when almost every paid app is equivalent to free app and providing the same user experience. While other businesses are ready to invest a significant amount on any product that can help them make their business more productive and efficient.
These days, mobile app development trends 2016 are becoming more demanding than ever. Everyone be it designer, developer or marketer, they need to work hard in order to keep up with the latest trends.


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