5 Easy Prototype Tools for Your Web App

Prototyping is a very great and a handy tool especially when it comes to bridging the gap between the idea which you have formulated about the product and its actual implementation. Today, there are ample numbers of tools which are available online which help you to develop your application in a meaningful way. A proper wireframing and prototyping are needed when you are designing your web application and this should be at your fingertips.

Tools for Your Web App

A good prototyping tool will allow to you to expand your ideas, see the web app from a larger perspective and also avoid mistakes later. You can add a number of gestures, images and transitions in order to make your prototype be portrayed as a real website or an application. Apart from this, real codes from the design elements can be created in order to give a more enriched web application. Here are some prototypes tools which you can make use of for creating a more impressionable web application.


Frame box is a useful tool which is used in the beginning of a post. It facilitates the development of online prototypes which can be shared from one web app to another. It is a very basic tool which is used for designing and it can be easily used if you want very simple and lucid overlay options for your design. A further extension of this tool is the wireframe which provides a more modern look than this conventional one and used as a support for the mobile devices and tablets.


If you want to create some interactive prototypes for your mobile applications then mock plus is a good tool which can be used with a lot of ease. It provides a clean user interface and users can go for it even if they are at any level of experience. There are many components of interactions which can be used such as popup menus, image creator which can simply be used with the option of drag and drop. This wireframe tool was basically developed by software LLC.


Iplotz is another prototyping tool with the help of which you can create easy to click and navigable wireframes for your mobile application. After your project becomes ready you can easily deploy developers and designers to build and work on that project. You can also invite feedbacks and comments from other people on your design with the help of this tool.


Ninja mock is another convenient and easy to use tool which can be used for creating graphic designs such as making use of stencils which comes in the special toolbox. To create a quick design, there are multifarious options to choose from with the help of which you can create custom elements and images .It also comes with a very powerful vector editor for editing custom elements.


Savah wireframe creation platform is used whenever you want to make some creative and inspired wireframe project. For collaboration purposes, you can use built-in support and different reviews for clients. With a lot of congenial features, this app has the capacity to function as a desktop tool or a mobile application.


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