5 Best Programming languages For Your Mobile app Development

There are hundreds and thousands of mobile apps that are everyday developed, installed and deleted. Today mobile apps have become the key channel for branding and revenue generation for consumers and enterprise users. A technically well-versed mobile is what required for getting a market-centric mobile app. Thus, development plays an important role in mobile. There are plenty of factors that need to be considered including mobile OS on which the app will run on, ease of writing kink-free code and the number of features it require. One of the key questions that every developer looks for - Which language can meet the requirement and promise the quality? Here are a few of the most popular and best-in-class programming languages for mobile app development:


last year, after acknowledging the need for an advanced programming language, Apple introduced Swift language, which basically is an enhanced, latest and easier-to-learn. Swift is basically a replacement to Objective-C. Swift was created by Apple to work with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, easpecially for OS X and iOS, respectively. One of the benefits of using Swift launguage is – it is much less cluttered and easier to learn and read than its predecessor.


Apple launched Objective-C . And, it has become an official programming language for apps, developed for mobile and desktop (Mac OS) operating systems. An OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) language, whose code is written around various “objects” that include their own data and logic.


Sun Microsystems built Java and soon it has become one of the major mobile Oss. Android has its own programming language : Java. And, this object-oriented language has helped mobile app developers build code that can easily run on multiple environments,  browsers, virtual machines and different platforms.  By using Java, developers are able to accelerate mobile apps’ development and deployment processes. In turn, this helps in creating and reusing code.


A language that is mostly used for building Android mobile apps. Python is object-oriented language that features dynamic and advance data structures for the rapid mobile app development and testing. Python developers can easily and quickly test and debug code, which could easily and  potentially be reused for other  mobile apps. Being one of the effective languages, this language is extremely effective and used for writing scripts with the capabilty to bind the existing software components.


HTML5 is a best-in-class web-frontend app for mobile devices. One of the benefits of using HTML5 is its cost involved. Thus, if you are looking for browser-based path, HTML5 should be your primary choice.

So, What do you think? - ‘"Which programming language or tool is the “best” suitable for your mobile app development?” For choosing the preffered language ayou need to understand the category of app and what type of app it is and what features should it include. And, if you are looking for native app development on iOS, you need to build an app with a browser front-end and an app that is relatively future-oriented.


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