Top 7 Useful Tips For Building Awesome Mobile Apps

We all love Mobile Apps. It has completely and irreversibly changed the way we use technology. No wonder Google Play Store itself has more than 1 million apps on its market place. Yes you read that right. One Million! Let us try and analyse what makes a great app and how mobile app developers can create better apps and improve existing ones.

Tips For Building Awesome Mobile Apps


Navigation of the App should be clean and simple, the interface non cluttered and exciting. One must understand that most people that will use the app will be non technical.


The app must be Useful and Easy to Use, Sounds rather straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many apps out there make the users want to go for a tech diploma. Not to mention these are the apps that consistently get one star. You don’t want that. Like ever.


There’s no substitute to Hard Work. We all know that. The apps know that too. Only in their language it’s called Performance. The apps should load fast, look nice, should be engaging and be technically superior to the peers. That’s it.


The app must be able to interact with the users. The push notifications must be used to let the users know of new happenings and updates. The users must be encouraged to know all the features of the app and try to use those.


Data is expensive. And in some parts of the world, erratic. That little time of data outage can be the defining factor between business and no business. Offline usability is a big thin these days and App users must try and encourage the users to use the app for longer, with or without the data connection.


It is important that the app grows by recommendation of users and by word of mouth. There is no publicity like free publicity. The app must be easy to share, perhaps have a built in incentive for sharing.


This is one of the most important considerations. Feedback from the users must be sought and taken very, very seriously. Remember that there are 1 million apps on Play Store alone. Never forget that. Feedback is what can actually tell you how you compare to some of the others out there, and by the users themselves. Feedback must be used as a tool of constant evaluation and improvement. A company without customers is no company. A company without feedback evaluation is neither.


Whereas the app industry is rapidly growing, it is important to understand that the customer has an immensely huge choice too. The apps have to be engaging, simple to use and make the customer use it over and over again. Keeping these in mind app developers of today should try and have an absolute customer centric focus. It’s a buyer’s market out there as far as apps are concerned.


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