Amazing Ideas for High App's Revenue by Top App Development Companies

Mobile apps are considered as an amazing business model that plays a vital role in not only making money for your company, but also help you company continue to grow. Today, there is nobody who has not heard about the mobile app. Apps have reduced the cost of SMS messages. This is because they simplify all communications by securely and directly messaging customers. There is nothing wrong in saying that apps reinforce your brand by increasing the visibility and being in front of your business all the time increases your loyalty with customers. There are many more advantages of mobile app and thus, a large number of businesses are looking forward to have mobile app and with the growing demand for apps, developers strives to build uniqueness in each and every app.

Top App Development Companies

According to reports, 85% of the applications in the app store falls under the category of freemium, whereas the rest of the 15% belongs to the category of paid ones. Now, the question is that how the developers make money and which is the better option, free or the paid version? However, it is believed that if you choose the paid version, then you need to give something very nice to the audiences. Thus, it is said that in initial stages, it is better to go with the freemium option. In this case also you have the chance of availing two benefits such as earn money and attract users.

Here, are some points by top app development companies that helps you understand how developers can earn money from free apps:


This model is very easy to understand as it works effectively with the apps which have unique audio as well as video quality. Though such apps can be downloaded for free, but still there is a need to pay regular subscription in order to access application content.


The main idea of this type of methodology is to develop an app that is meant for a specific set of audience. This way you can easily identify that interested group so as to sponsor your app.

Performance-Based Marketing

This concept means that you can earn some revenue by promoting or selling someone's product as well as services. With this method, you can easily promote your app with others by using pop-ups and banners.


Amazon doesn't allow in-app purchasing as well as advertising and if in case your app includes in-app purchases, then you are required to pay some amount as decided fees in order to put your app inside amazon listings. Talking about users, they can use the app for free, but on the other hand, developers are being paid directly by Amazon. It pays handsome amount per minute of use, per user. 


It is considered as the best method for making money from free application. Under this method, whenever a user clicks on your advertisement you earn some money. In this regard, some common ways are known by the name of pay per impression, per installs and pay per click.

All the above mentioned methods or approaches are considered as the best way to earn some extra money. All these tips which are being shared by top app development companies will help you in getting the best.

There is a wide assortment of freemium apps in the app store and in order to help developers in making money from apps that falls under this category, top app development companies such as Appinventiv Technologies have shared some views on earning revenue.


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