Top 6 UX Mistakes to Avoid While Developing a Mobile App

Gone are the days when smartphone was considered as a luxurious item. It has now become the necessity for everyone and today, it is known as the most used communication tool. However, its uses are not just limited to communication only. The Internet is said to be the biggest blessing to man by technology and one cannot imagine the life without it. Hence, with the help of your mobile phone, you can use the social media on the go. Today, a huge part of population is addicted to social networking sites and smartphones enables them to stay active in social media on the move.

developing a mobile app

In addition, when you have a phone you can pay a mobile bill, satisfy your purchasing requirements and can book a taxi for commuting from one place to another to name a few. This is all possible due to some amazing apps. Mobile apps offer incredible features and solve crucial purposes with ease. Thus, the demand for smartphone apps is increasing day-by-day. However, it is important for app developers to pay a lot of attention while developing a mobile app. On the other hand, there are some common UX design errors which should be avoided completely. 

Some Common UX design errors that can ruin your spectacular application:

1. Lots of Design

Design is very important in a mobile app, but it is see that developers add a lot of colors, new styles and also add new placements to the objects. They forget that simplicity is the glory of expression and when you keep things simple you are definitely creating a user friendly interface.

2. Excessive Features

If you are including a plethora of features to your app you are giving a bad user experience. When you load the app with several features you are not only affecting the battery life, but also making the app look sluggish. This could lead a user to delete the app without considering its purpose. 

3. Bad Navigation

Navigation is considered as the crucial aspect of an app and if not done properly, it could ruin all your efforts of developing an app. With the help of useful text pop-ups and overlay tutorials, you can guide user the way of moving through an app and can give a good user experience. 

4. Small Touch Buttons and Links 

When the tappable links are very small you mistakenly click a wrong link a lot of times. In order to avoid this situation, you should follow a standard format, telling you how large the clickable links should be. In addition, there is a need to consider the spacing between the links for giving an amazing experience.

5. Slow Loading

Your users don't like waiting and thus, there is a need to optimize your app for better page load speed before submitting it to app store. In this regard, pay attention on things like don't load your app with images or make sure that the images or other multimedia files are compressed enough. In addition, avoid flash and optimize JavaScript codes and all those files which reduce load time. 

6. Long Forms to Fill

Filling lengthy forms is very irritating and so, keep it precise at the time of taking information from users. This means that you should include three to four fields, avoid asking photos and include auto fill options if possible. 

While developing an app, make sure that your mobile app is free from all the above-mentioned mistakes for a wonderful user experience.

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