6 Interesting Trends Shaping the Future of Mobile App Development

As per a recent survey, over 179 billion mobile applications downloaded per year, making mobile app development one of the fastest growing sectors. Currently, the mobile app market is dominated by social media apps and gaming apps to name a few.

Leading companies are using apps for effective branding, better customer engagement as well as for direct marketing. However, it is seen that both small and midsize companies are also on their ways of following the mobile trend. As per Appinventiv, which is a leading mobile app development company, an effective mobile strategy is not only about having a mobile-friendly website, it also involves a great app that can satisfy your business requirements.

6 Interesting Trends Shaping the Future of Mobile App Development

Going forward, there are some major mobile app development trends to watch out for. Mentioned below are top predictions on the tech trends that will affect the mobile app development:

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

This is one of the most important mobile app development trends to look out for this year. With the release of Pokemon in 2016, there is no surprise that AR will definitely continue to rise. By witnessing this game, it can be said that AR has huge potential to influence users in engaging and well as meaningful ways.

On the other hand, numerous tech manufacturers launched VR headsets and this is pushing the technology to mainstream adoption. We will get to see a huge focus on experimental features, which will grab the attention of consumers as well as media in the coming days.

IoT Apps will surge

There is nothing wrong in saying that IoT will bring a huge technological revolution in the coming years. It is seen that health care, security and automotive industries have started experimenting and integrating with IoT advancements. It is said that keeping this in mind during mobile app development will be a great move in 2017.

App security will grow

Mobile apps with in-built security features can make a huge difference in mobile app development. Coding for Apple's iOS is moving from Objective C to Swift. With this new programming language, the market will begin to see more secure apps.

Rise of enterprise mobile apps

Such apps make it easy to keep team connected. In other words, with enterprise apps, you can restructure, streamline and manage critical business processes with ease. Evernote is one of the great examples of this app through which a team can easily collaborate on projects. Hence, this mobile app development trend will expand in the near future.

Cloud-driven apps will increase

Everyone has heard about the cloud technology and its impact on our daily lives. Cloud storage allows end users to easily sync and access their database at anytime and from anywhere without any risk of data corruption. Cloud computing has finally found its place with smartphone apps and this trend will rise and we will see a wide array of such apps.

Cross-platform apps

Nowadays, numerous app users expect their mobile app to work same across all the major platforms. They want that features, capabilities as well as performance remain intact across all the platforms. Due to this, more attention will be given on cross-platform mobile app development.

These are some of the top mobile app development trends that will take shape in the near future. User behaviors are shifting at an enormous rate and thus, companies should stay in tune with the latest trends.


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