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Monday, April 25, 2016

5 Easy Prototype Tools for Your Web App

Prototyping is a very great and a handy tool especially when it comes to bridging the gap between the idea which you have formulated about the product and its actual implementation. Today, there are ample numbers of tools which are available online which help you to develop your application in a meaningful way. A proper wireframing and prototyping are needed when you are designing your web application and this should be at your fingertips.

Tools for Your Web App

A good prototyping tool will allow to you to expand your ideas, see the web app from a larger perspective and also avoid mistakes later. You can add a number of gestures, images and transitions in order to make your prototype be portrayed as a real website or an application. Apart from this, real codes from the design elements can be created in order to give a more enriched web application. Here are some prototypes tools which you can make use of for creating a more impressionable web application.


Frame box is a useful tool which is used in the beginning of a post. It facilitates the development of online prototypes which can be shared from one web app to another. It is a very basic tool which is used for designing and it can be easily used if you want very simple and lucid overlay options for your design. A further extension of this tool is the wireframe which provides a more modern look than this conventional one and used as a support for the mobile devices and tablets.


If you want to create some interactive prototypes for your mobile applications then mock plus is a good tool which can be used with a lot of ease. It provides a clean user interface and users can go for it even if they are at any level of experience. There are many components of interactions which can be used such as popup menus, image creator which can simply be used with the option of drag and drop. This wireframe tool was basically developed by software LLC.


Iplotz is another prototyping tool with the help of which you can create easy to click and navigable wireframes for your mobile application. After your project becomes ready you can easily deploy developers and designers to build and work on that project. You can also invite feedbacks and comments from other people on your design with the help of this tool.


Ninja mock is another convenient and easy to use tool which can be used for creating graphic designs such as making use of stencils which comes in the special toolbox. To create a quick design, there are multifarious options to choose from with the help of which you can create custom elements and images .It also comes with a very powerful vector editor for editing custom elements.


Savah wireframe creation platform is used whenever you want to make some creative and inspired wireframe project. For collaboration purposes, you can use built-in support and different reviews for clients. With a lot of congenial features, this app has the capacity to function as a desktop tool or a mobile application.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

6 World-class iOS App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2016

Irrespective of what pioneering venture Apple executes, the world watches with hankering eyes and is looking for seeking to get best and most recent advances. Here’re a few iOS mobile app development trends to watch out in 2016:

Swift Coding

An essential new arrangement of well-versed coding strategies and structure broke in the coding world, a year ago. Quick and responsive coding is amazing to go to succeed Objective-C. And, it will definitely turn into an essential instrument for building Apple applications. Quick coding is the programming idiom, which keeps on creating a buzz amongst mobile app designers. It not only empowers designers to create solid codes by utilizing Xcode apparatuses. Presently, pioneering compiler framework is a base, which empowers Xcode to be utilized for building apps on iOS and Watch OS. Indeed, even Swift 2, a revamped form of Swift; is thinking of more designer-centric components that are picking up captivation quicker amongst the developers around the world. Contract iOS application developers from the rundown of driving IT serving companies to pick up favourable conditions of quick coding in 2016, specifically Swift 2.

Watch OS2

In this year April, Apple is good to go to dispatch Watch 2, which is considered as one of the top brands in the wearable gadget class. The enhancement and development of Watch OS2 will certainly push the business sector for mobile apps. Another step for advancement is to make augmentations in the current iWatch applications, particularly for the Apple Watch. There were approx. 10000 iWatch apps till a month ago. And, this number is expected to increase in 2016.

Significance of M-Commerce

For iOS application developers, versatile mobile apps for e-Commerce websites is a key player. And, the most recent advancements like Mobile Pay. It offers choices over the stages and gadgets will be in the new pattern in 2016. Amalgamation of wallet and gadgets needs to be more grounded.

Cloud-centric Application Advancement

More and more companies and engineers will be show interest in cloud-centric application advancements. A huge portion of the world's conference geek monsters is taking a shot at cloud-centric information motors and cloud stages.

Mobile app security and iOS9

According to Gartner repot of 2015 - about 75% mobile apps are neglected to meet fundamental requirements. And, app security is one of the key challenges that developers and companies are struggling to meet.


On of the most recent areas that is becoming popular among iOS application designers is iBeacon. It helps in creating e-trade and m-business mobile apps that would help administrations to optimize upto a spectacular degree. iBeacon mobile apps expend comparatively less battery for area based mobile apps. Continuous and versatile mobile apps can be developed by leveraging iBeacon capacities. And, that’s why Apple is encouraging iOS developers to make more smart applications by using iBeacon.

Hope the above listed popular iOS app development trends for 2016 will prove to be useful to you and your business. If you have any questions or suggestions to add here, feel free to add in the comments below!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Handy Tips For Developing HTML 5 Mobile Apps!

With smartphone penetration growing at a rapid pace of more than 70% per year, the demand for mobile applications written in HTML 5 is rising by the day. Given the fact that applications written in html 5 are quite light-weight, easy to use and do not take much developer resources, HTML5 mobile apps is surely going to emerge as the best bet for small businesses. If you are planning to develop an app to connect with customers and desire something really quick and fast, then HTML5 mobile app is the way to go. What you can get is fast and significant results in terms of creating more number of apps in the minimum possible time.

HTML 5 Mobile Apps

Timing is of essence while developing applications

This is the single most important area where entrepreneurs go wrong. They are either too late to enter in the market or too early. First mover advantage helps but what works in the long run is attention to detail and swift execution. Everybody has the same set of people in the city to cater to and only 24 hours in a day but its how you manage the business with limited resource makes all the difference.

Stay put

Yes, this is the biggest secret of success in the business world. The longer your product stays visible in the market, the higher the chances of it grabbing high market-share in the times to come.

To stay visible you need to adhere to the norms of the app store and try building a strong offline business to complement the app. For example, food-tech, fin-tech start ups are perfect examples of how an app on the store is supported by a strong business that is built from ground up and nurtured continuously with healthy vendor relationships and top-of the mind recall amongst customers.

Acquire strong domain knowledge

This is important in order to create all the necessary functionalities in the app and market it aggressively. Once you have obtained strong domain knowledge by talking to industry insiders and other people in the same line of business, you will understand as to what works and what does not work in the mobile application space. By bringing the traditional to mobile, you will have taken the first step towards creating the next million dollar business.

Avail top draw expertise

Yes, in order to succeed in this business, you need to have some smart people in your team who can create responsive and dynamic apps by using the power of webSQL, Ajax frameworks. these technologies will help you create enhanced applications with much lesser deployment of time, money and energy.

Incorporate the best features to keep your app a class apart

Since your app will be downloaded on different phones, the resolution of the app can be altered according to the device. This feature is an add-on in html5 along with Bluetooth access and notification management functionalities.

Wait no further, start cracking the HTML5 application development market with your innovative ideas and you are sure to reach the top, if you get your focus right.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

5 Must-Have Enterprise Mobility Apps for the Remote Worker

Mobile app industry is increasing at a rapid rate. Many industries are leveraging this upcoming trend for gaining more visibility and traction. And, Enterprise Mobility is one of them. Today Enterprise mobility has revolutionized the way of working for businesses and companies and especially for remote workers. But as enterprise mobility trends 2016 comes with a lot of challenges, too. So, it’s important to have an effective and bespoke mobile app to increase productivity and effectiveness of a business.

Enterprise Mobility Apps for the Remote Employees

Enterprise and business owners who manage the remote employees in their businesses need to know about these mobile apps and how to effectively implement them. And, to increase the productivity of your remote workers, you need to be productive and effective as possible. Here’re a few apps that every remote worker must have:

1. Flyp

Today every business requires its employees to get connected every time and everywhere. And, telephone plays an important role in connecting with businesses. But if your employees are located overseas, it can prove to be expensive. However, that’s no longer a challenge with Flyp as Flyp helps you get the second phone number at the same time for your mobile device. And, that too free for a limited time. Having real and reliable numbers, Flyp enables free texting and calling to any other Flyp phone numbers that are in Austria, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

2. Slack

Slack integrates communication into one single channel so you do not have to use numerous mobile apps to get things done. No matter where your team is working around the world, Slack offers real one-to-one and group messaging opportunities. By integrating other numerous tools including Asana, Dropbox, Google Hangouts, Twitter and Zendesk, Slack provides ground-breaking search and archiving opportunities wherever you go.

It also enable syncing across the devices and enable notifications that can easily be reconfigured to suit your preferences, thus making your jobs more pleasing while making you more productive.

3. PDF Expert 5

For handling your PDFs to access your official documentation on your iPads and iPhones, PDF is one of the best apps that every remote worker must-have. It helps you mark significant features including filling out forms, adding comments to text, writing handwritten notes, creating a table of contents and signing digital signatures. PDF Expert 5 has made managing and editing of PDF files very easy.

4. OneHive

To-do lists are crucial to ensure all the essential tasks that are delivered within deadlines. And, OneHive can make To-do lists easily manageable and accessible. This app enables users to make the team’s checklists shareable, thus allowing them to assign responsibilities, review for project status, and closely monitor and track each team member’s growth. It also provides creation of checklists, attach files and many more features. Few of the key factors that make OneHive one of the potential apps is - Transparency and accountability.

5. Box

Teams which are looking for storing, sharing and editing files, thus making photo sharing and documenting easy with the cloud integration. By Using Box, user can easily sync and access via iPhone or iPad, thus allowing you to share files securely and easily, taking notes, capturing ideas, reviewing projects and leaving feedback for your colleagues while on the go.

Hope the above mentioned points will help you in choosing the right enterprise mobility app.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Enterprise Mobility Trends In 2016

In this competitive era, where mobile phones are increasing at a rapid rate, other verticals including Enterprise Mobility sees a huge potential in it. And, people associated with the organizations are looking to utilize this era in variety of ways. 
Enterprise Mobility Trends In 2016

As Enterprise mobility is perplexing the conventional concept of mobile app development especially when many new technologies are hitting the growing market. Let’s analyse the current scenario of enterprise mobility and see what we can expect from Enterprise Mobility 2016:

The need to adopt newer architectures

Mobile as a concept has become a crucial part of businesses and IT strategy. To gain competitive advantage, businesses are required to leverage latest tools, technologies and methodologies. And adopting mobile-first approach is one of them. Mobility is enabling these businesses to easily incorporate and integrate with the multiple systems including IoT, cloud services, javascript, SaaS, PaaS and other evolving technologies that are rapidly changing.

Rapid increase in the integration of Cloud technology

Cloud technology has emerged at a rapid rate, thus there is a greater efficiency and scalability between the existing IT systems and mobile devices. By leveraging cloud technology, business will get more sophisticated solutions, software, programming solutions and services. And, this increase in cloud technology is enabling smaller and bigger to play an emerging role in the market.

The role of IoT

In 2016, mobile enterprises will still determine how emerging technology like Internet of Things (Iot) can make their work processes and cards more efficient and how can they be integrated to make their business more efficient and part of their digital strategy. Since, IoT has not become so popular among businesses and is still a slow approach to IoT. That’s why a very low percentage of companies are really applying an IoT- centric solutions in their businesses strategy. Although, Internet of Solutions is still in a nascent stage, thus businesses will make a shift towards configuring how IoT can be useful in numerous business challenges and how such innovations can drive company’s success.

The effect of BYOD

As we discussed that enterprise mobility is touching all the organizations be it big, mid-sized and small. The reason behind this change is - there has been a wide range of smartphones as well as rapid increase in the acceptability of BYOD. The term BYOD i.e. Bring Your Own Device means that users can bring their own personal mobile devices at offices and on-site for fulfilling their business purposes.

Enterprise mobility and Security

Enablement of Enterprise mobility in their processes means more need of secured and networked hardware. Thus, we need to make more secured system and processes to stop data from breaching. However, there are various solutions including Server Hosted Virtual Desktop (SHVD) but these methods can often slow down the company’s productivity. Thus, an effective and secured solutions are required to enable enterprise mobility efficiently.

Enterprise mobility has become an essential and inevitable part of organizations to smoothen dev ops. And, as modern enterprises are becoming more consumer-centric, need for implementing Enterprise mobility strategy and micro-services has become crucial.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

3 Common App Development Mistakes That May Smash Your App

So, you want to develop an app. Undoubtedly, your business will benefit from a mobile app because nowadays, mobile traffic is exceeding from desktop traffic in the USA, Japan and many other countries as per the Google stats. In recent few years, mobile app development has emerged at fast pace, thus, this is the perfect time to launch a mobile app for your business. So, if you have a unique app idea, select the budgets and the team that can help your app developed. All you need to do is to craft the ultimate road map to your app development. Let’s take a look on the top 3 mistakes that need to be avoided while getting your app developed:

App Development Mistakes

1. Unable to Identify the Best and Required Platform

There are basically two major platforms including Android and iOS. One of the common mistakes that most of the businesses does is - fail to comprehensively weight the platform according to their app.
Since iPhone apps generate 85 percent more revenue than Android apps, thus, iOS app development has become popular among developers, thus a lot of developers vouch for iOS. However, it’s a fact that while iOS apps are enormously popular in the US but Android has captured the global markets. For identifying the best and require platform, ask a few questions including:
    You can easily get the details from Google Analytics.

    2. Adapting the conventional web strategy

    Since mobile app has become popular in recent few years, but still many mobile app publishers and marketers does a common mistake, they adapt the similar and conventional strategy for their mobile app. However, mobile app is entirely different in functionality, if we talk in terms of scope and size. So, to develop a market-centric and business-centric mobile app, don’t just follow your web strategy in terms of design and functionality of the app. Instead of that offer an enhanced and advanced version of the similar experience.

    3. Incongruous Marketing Strategy

    You have developed an app but it can’t be sell itself. No matter, how tremendous, unique and well-designed your app is, it should have a well-versed marketing strategy and user-acquisition strategy. AppStores are flooded with apps so your app is competing with thousands of other apps for limited user-attention. Let’s take a look on a few steps to increase your app visibility:

    Identify your target audience

    Figure out who are your app’s target audiences? Is your app meeting any of their key challenges? What’s their demographics? What are your app’s unique features that can set your app apart from its competitors?

    Get the press coverage

    Before the launch of your app, hunt for the best publishers and media sources for writers and publications, who have covered the similar apps or are publishing apps regularly. Collect down all those names and organize it all properly. And, if you are running short of time, you can outsource it as well. To save time, you can outsource that.

    Make and publish a demo video

    Today, mobile users spend around 40 minutes on YouTube on an average per session. Creating demo video can help you in converting visitors into users. You can also think of creating a standard corporate demo. You can even consider collaborating with influencers for additional lift.

    Accomplish visibility by applying for Awards

    By participating and winning awards for your app, you can get the best free way to capture enormous exposure through press, reviews and various social media channels. However, only a well-designed and well-developed app can only win its user’s hearts. So, its important design a user-centric apps.
    Hope the above mentioned points will help you in avoiding the common mistakes and making your app successful.

    Wednesday, January 20, 2016

    7 Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out For In 2016

    Now when the market is over-crowded and is full of apps and mobile developers. It is time to distinguish them into 3 main categories: disliked ones, amazing ones and exceptional ones. Undoubtedly, today everyone want to be a part of the third category. But as we know that things are not as easy as it seems. In order to be successful, you need to build great mobile apps, not just good apps.

    Mobile App Development Trends 2016

    Here’re a few latest trends that are essential for boosting their business and for reaching a larger audience:

    Trend#1: Build a robust connection with Back-End Systems

    Today more and more consumers require this feature often. So, your app must always be proficient of doing the same tasks repeatedly as your desktop website. Moreover, it should be well-versed and must be capable of connecting with user’s account that can easily sync with all devices.

    Trend#2: High-end Security

    Today, people use their Smartphones for various reasons including entertainment, education, video, games and business. And, 1 out of every 3 mobile app contains some sensitive information. So, the question arises - Does your mobile app have a high-end security?

    Trend#3: Leverage Cloud Benefits

    As we discussed earlier that there is a strong connection with back-end system and security. But have you ever thought? - How can we still speedily access the common files securely? Simple – through a cloud! And, today almost every mobile app developers knows this and is trying to leverage this trending technology. Mobile apps are ineffective if consumers cannot fully access, share and manage data. Leverage this amazing creation and adapt it to create incredible user experiences.

    Trend#4: Fully Mobilized

    Mobile app development companies should cover each and every feature of desktop version. While developing an app, think if your app cover each and every single desktop operation or you still need your PC for several actions? - The key idea behind the product is that it should cover every possible actions and should function completely independently.

    Trend#5: More Automatized

    Today everyone wants a mobile app to complete its every task. And, they want to do everything with smart gadgets or we can say that these are becoming an extension of human beings. So, your product should serve user’s purpose and meet their expectations, too.

    Trend#6: Employ APIs for Quicker Development

    Your mobile app development should go through a strong mission – it should always stay on top. But how can an app be successful if it doesn’t successfully run on every model of smartphones? – The easiest and smoothest solution of this challenge is to use APIs – by using these APIs, you can be exempted from storing tons of data and your struggle to retrieve data from old pile of records will end up. At the same time, high-end security and user authentication will be possible.

    Trend#7: What to develop? - Enterprise or Consumer Apps

    Selection between enterprise or consumer apps is difficult to make because you need to know - how much money you want to make? Enterprise apps comes with a lot of cash inflows as compared to consumer ones. And, the reason behind this is– Nowadays, users are not willing to invest in the mobile experience, especially when almost every paid app is equivalent to free app and providing the same user experience. While other businesses are ready to invest a significant amount on any product that can help them make their business more productive and efficient.
    These days, mobile app development trends 2016 are becoming more demanding than ever. Everyone be it designer, developer or marketer, they need to work hard in order to keep up with the latest trends.