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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Importance of Mobile Apps for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Media and entertainment is such as integral part of our lives that it becomes impossible to even live without it. The mobile apps from the entertainment app development company enables people to access games, movies and content, while on the go. The mobile apps makes it possible to get a flash of  your favourite TV show or even the display of scores from your favourite matches. There is no longer any need to unnecessarily rush back home and get a glimpse of the favourite show.

entertainment app development

What is the Need for a Mobile App?

Despite the fact that there are no lack of channels for displaying the entertainment industry news, the need for the mobile app rises because, with the advancement of the technology, there is a need for accessing the information, while on the go. In fact, the introduction of unique mobile applications has created newer avenues of development for the entertainment and media sectors. The mobile apps are for accessing the information anytime, anywhere.

What are the Benefits Accrued to the Entertainment Industry

Marketing is becoming simpler with introduction of mobile apps. The mobile apps are really suitable to render undated information to the customers and quite useful to reaching out to the customers.

The analysis of the behavior of the customer is of utmost importance, while developing the entertainment mobility solutions. In fact, the way the customers reach out to the music, news, video and other modes of information forms the basis of the marketing strategy for the media and  entertainment industry. 

Why Prefer Mobile Apps to Responsive Design?

Most of the media companies are going for a combination of both responsive design as well as mobile apps. The experience that is delivered by the responsive site is the same, irrespective of the mobile operating system. What matters is the consistency with which the digital experience is conveyed through the responsive design. 

The fact remains that push notifications becomes easier ways of broadcasting to its audiences, for the media companies, even when the cost incurred for the mobile apps is quite a lot. The application communicates to the audience with a constant stream of podcasts, slideshows etc. The notifications will enable the user to inform about social engagements around the content. 

There is a change in the way the audience in the media and entertainment industry consumes the music, information, video and television news and this only with the help of the mobile apps. 

Impact Caused By the Media and Entertainment Apps

The best entertainment application development will be able to influence the users in a certain way and these are:

Your busy everyday life starts with a dose of the latest news. The media and entertainment mobility solutions will enables you to start your day, in a constructive way, with the app on news. 

Matches during the office hours are missed by all and the notifications, with real-time updates from the mobile apps really releases the tension in you. The live match updates are important for you. In fact, these sort of push notifications provide maximum response from a wide audience. These kind of sports mobile apps will account for 118 % higher user engagements. 

Music really forms an important part of entertainment for us, all throughout the day. The music apps makes it possible to search for your favourite music and play, with just a few clicks only.

Whether it is the weekend or the hours after the day’s work serials and movies are the forms of entertainment that relaxes you, with a sigh of relief. These apps will form a real source of entertainment for you, with just a few touches with your fingertips. The entertainment apps are mostly consumed, all throughout the night, till the wee morning hours.

The media and entertainment app development companies are searching for opportunities, for the monetization with the mobile apps. The apps data becomes useful for a leveraging a personalized user experience.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Top 6 UX Mistakes to Avoid While Developing a Mobile App

Gone are the days when smartphone was considered as a luxurious item. It has now become the necessity for everyone and today, it is known as the most used communication tool. However, its uses are not just limited to communication only. The Internet is said to be the biggest blessing to man by technology and one cannot imagine the life without it. Hence, with the help of your mobile phone, you can use the social media on the go. Today, a huge part of population is addicted to social networking sites and smartphones enables them to stay active in social media on the move.

developing a mobile app

In addition, when you have a phone you can pay a mobile bill, satisfy your purchasing requirements and can book a taxi for commuting from one place to another to name a few. This is all possible due to some amazing apps. Mobile apps offer incredible features and solve crucial purposes with ease. Thus, the demand for smartphone apps is increasing day-by-day. However, it is important for app developers to pay a lot of attention while developing a mobile app. On the other hand, there are some common UX design errors which should be avoided completely. 

Some Common UX design errors that can ruin your spectacular application:

1. Lots of Design

Design is very important in a mobile app, but it is see that developers add a lot of colors, new styles and also add new placements to the objects. They forget that simplicity is the glory of expression and when you keep things simple you are definitely creating a user friendly interface.

2. Excessive Features

If you are including a plethora of features to your app you are giving a bad user experience. When you load the app with several features you are not only affecting the battery life, but also making the app look sluggish. This could lead a user to delete the app without considering its purpose. 

3. Bad Navigation

Navigation is considered as the crucial aspect of an app and if not done properly, it could ruin all your efforts of developing an app. With the help of useful text pop-ups and overlay tutorials, you can guide user the way of moving through an app and can give a good user experience. 

4. Small Touch Buttons and Links 

When the tappable links are very small you mistakenly click a wrong link a lot of times. In order to avoid this situation, you should follow a standard format, telling you how large the clickable links should be. In addition, there is a need to consider the spacing between the links for giving an amazing experience.

5. Slow Loading

Your users don't like waiting and thus, there is a need to optimize your app for better page load speed before submitting it to app store. In this regard, pay attention on things like don't load your app with images or make sure that the images or other multimedia files are compressed enough. In addition, avoid flash and optimize JavaScript codes and all those files which reduce load time. 

6. Long Forms to Fill

Filling lengthy forms is very irritating and so, keep it precise at the time of taking information from users. This means that you should include three to four fields, avoid asking photos and include auto fill options if possible. 

While developing an app, make sure that your mobile app is free from all the above-mentioned mistakes for a wonderful user experience.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Some Effective Ways for Avoiding Security Problems in App Development

These days, a large number of apps are hitting the market and hackers out there work hard to tap into these apps in order  to take out some important information or to implant malware. In this technology advanced world, people are no longer safe from identity theft as well as hacking. This clearly means that all app developers should be very vigilant about security so as to protect users. However, being an app developer there is a need to avoid security issues in app development. There are some security problems, which you need to fix before releasing your developed app.
security problems in app development

Fruitful ways to avoid security problems during an mobile app development process:

Do not trust the operating system's security

Every operating system follows different standards of security. In this regard, Apple give their users only tested applications as this is the core value of their company. Even though the company is trying very hard to safeguard their devices, there is still some malware that gets more advanced with every passing day. Hence, you should do your own testing. While releasing the app to Android's OS, test the GPS, the camera or any sensor the user requires at the time of navigating an app. On the other hand, while releasing the app to Apple's OS, turning off the NSLog is good because hackers are not able to easily access your app.

Ensure the safety of your server

Apps need some sort of important information from their users and thus, most app developers use a server which they connect to. However, you need to connect to a server that is secure via SSL certificates. In addition, you need to make sure that they use encryption at the time of handling the data. This gives a sense of safety to your users while using an app.

Ensure Sufficient Encryption

It is generally gets exploited during the communication sessions. This means that when the data is exchanged between a device as well as a server where the backend of the app is stored. In order to prevent this, there is a need to conduct extensive encryption testing on your code.

Do not rely on other people's coding

A large number of hackers are into identity theft and it is believed that infiltrating in an app's security is a great way of stealing information from phones. Due to this, they might build code, hoping that someone will buy it and they will be able to get the information they want. This doesn't mean that you should not buy the code, but do deep research on that particular person you're buying from.

Security is undoubtedly the most important issue at the time of developing an app. Therefore, take in account all the above-mentioned security testing carefully.

Appinventiv is a world class mobile app development company that is engaged in offering state-of-the-art app development services. Developers of the company pays huge attention on security options and thus, you don't have to worry about the security of your app.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Factors To Flick Through for a Super-Performance Mobile App in 2017

We are living in the smart century where smart Phones has now become more important than the three so-called necessities termed as food, cloth and shelter. And because of this, the demand of mobile application for promoting any business has become a must. As the competition is very large you always need to make the best application to attract the maximum people, if you succeed in this then only you will make your mobile app to super-form. In this article, we will look over in ways which will help your mobile app to perform the best.
mobile app in 2017

1. Get Started Easily

Once a user installs an app, he/she accepts that it should get started easily, but few mobile apps take a lot of time in getting started asking the user a number of questions, this many times irritates the user and forces him/her to uninstall the app before using. This creates a very bad impression of your app. Hence, you should take care of it and see that your app gets started easily.

2. The First Impression

We believe that the first impression is the last impression and this is true for your mobile app as well. It should look nice and attractive. Your app should be bright, colorful and should have a good graphics design. Have a good-looking icon as what user see’s first is the icon of your mobile app. If you impress the user by your app design then you may actually get all the advantages of it and you can get the maximum number of users, so create a good impression of your app.

3. Fast Working And Loading

The world is growing and developing fast, and in this fast growing world everyone wants everything to be done at the maximum speed. But, if your app is slow, and is taking a lot of time in getting loaded, or in other updates then it is a blunder. So, to protect your app from being a blunder and make it fast at working and loading.

4. Safe And Secured

Security and safety are the key requirements nowadays. It is necessary that your app should be safe and secured. It should hide what the user wants to hide and should show what the user wants to show. It should be capable of preventing your data from unauthorized access and thus should ensure safety and security.

5. Backup And Restore

Nowadays, for a user data loss is the biggest threat than anything else in this world. If a user mistakenly losses the data of your app then your app should be capable enough of restoring it back. This is an extremely attractive and demanding feature of any application. So, add this feature to your app and make it super-perform.


Your mobile application should be thus, attractive, efficient, safe, secured, fast and easy to handle for a better performance. Competition is vast and it is necessary that you should add all these features and make it user friendly to attract a maximum number of users. Hence, make your app a good app and make it super-perform.
At AppInventiv, we believe in quality of work and customer satisfaction, hence we offer a set of flexible pricing models to our customers. Our clients have the full liberty to select the best option as per their business requirements. Our renowned strategy & planning team works alongside our world class branding and digital design experts which has made us top rated app development company.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Amazing Ideas for High App's Revenue by Top App Development Companies

Mobile apps are considered as an amazing business model that plays a vital role in not only making money for your company, but also help you company continue to grow. Today, there is nobody who has not heard about the mobile app. Apps have reduced the cost of SMS messages. This is because they simplify all communications by securely and directly messaging customers. There is nothing wrong in saying that apps reinforce your brand by increasing the visibility and being in front of your business all the time increases your loyalty with customers. There are many more advantages of mobile app and thus, a large number of businesses are looking forward to have mobile app and with the growing demand for apps, developers strives to build uniqueness in each and every app.

Top App Development Companies

According to reports, 85% of the applications in the app store falls under the category of freemium, whereas the rest of the 15% belongs to the category of paid ones. Now, the question is that how the developers make money and which is the better option, free or the paid version? However, it is believed that if you choose the paid version, then you need to give something very nice to the audiences. Thus, it is said that in initial stages, it is better to go with the freemium option. In this case also you have the chance of availing two benefits such as earn money and attract users.

Here, are some points by top app development companies that helps you understand how developers can earn money from free apps:


This model is very easy to understand as it works effectively with the apps which have unique audio as well as video quality. Though such apps can be downloaded for free, but still there is a need to pay regular subscription in order to access application content.


The main idea of this type of methodology is to develop an app that is meant for a specific set of audience. This way you can easily identify that interested group so as to sponsor your app.

Performance-Based Marketing

This concept means that you can earn some revenue by promoting or selling someone's product as well as services. With this method, you can easily promote your app with others by using pop-ups and banners.


Amazon doesn't allow in-app purchasing as well as advertising and if in case your app includes in-app purchases, then you are required to pay some amount as decided fees in order to put your app inside amazon listings. Talking about users, they can use the app for free, but on the other hand, developers are being paid directly by Amazon. It pays handsome amount per minute of use, per user. 


It is considered as the best method for making money from free application. Under this method, whenever a user clicks on your advertisement you earn some money. In this regard, some common ways are known by the name of pay per impression, per installs and pay per click.

All the above mentioned methods or approaches are considered as the best way to earn some extra money. All these tips which are being shared by top app development companies will help you in getting the best.

There is a wide assortment of freemium apps in the app store and in order to help developers in making money from apps that falls under this category, top app development companies such as Appinventiv Technologies have shared some views on earning revenue.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

iPhone App: To Enhance Your Business in Today’s Digital World

Let me tell you something before I start giving insight when it comes to iPhone app development to give the revolutionary start to your business.

iPhone App Development

Not only Geeks and tech-buddies but business people around the globe had been prodigiously waiting for Apple's new breakthrough and flagship called iPhone 7 to obsolete the old iPhone 6. On September 9, Apple finally announced the iteration of iPhone 6 at Bill graham civic auditorium, in San Francisco, Ca and ended up with the launching of total renowned and robust iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus globally. New iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are totally based on newly developed operating system iOS 10 beta. There are many mind-boggling changes had taken place in new iPhone compare to iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 plus. I am telling this story because with every launch of latest iPhone with new OS and high-tech popularity of iPhone users are dramatically increasing.

According to one latest report total share of the mobile market, Apple has 40% of all, running devices on iOS alone in the US and 30% of all around across the globe. This figure is gigantically large compared to other mobile phone operating system. If you are thinking about to spread your business and to approach the every customer not through physical product but also through the latest technology, such as web app and mobile app, iPhone app development for your business will be an auspicious step. Lets the business approach the titanically amount of the users but also adds credibility and status of your brand.

Advantage of using iPhone app to enhance your business

There are top five reasons why you shall start your business on the iOS mobile platform. Developing and publish iOS app is the crucial task as apps that don't meet the quality and requirements of iOS app store are rejected. There are many other reasons to choose iPhone app development to increase the business and earn great revenue but the main reason is highly increasing the market of iPhone and iPad users.

1. The use of iOS devices like iPads and iPhones are now increasing considerably, to develop the native mobile app for another platform such as Android will help you to reach the maximum number of the customer but not as much as iOS devices do. So it will be better to develop native iPhone app development for business.

2. Phones are well equipped with the latest tech and hardware to make the iOS apps running smoothly and lighting fast. So your customer will never have to bite their lips while communicating to your through iOS apps.

3. Having 30% of the total mobile market around the globe iOS devices are on the list of the top mobile phone with up to mark iPhone apps, it is quite obvious that businesses need to start on this platform.

4. If you are running an e-commerce website, it will be the waste of time for you to think whether you should go for iOS apps or not. As iOS apps have the brilliant user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) with great human interaction, it is highly recommended to any e-commerce business.

5. Looking for bugs? No, it will not be quite possible as iOS app developers are erudite in this field of developing, you have to foot the bills to them but it is a one-time investment. Maintenance and bug fixing are becoming affordable now with various native and cross platform mobile app development.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5 Apps to Download for Taking Notes on your iPad

Thanks to the technology boom in recent years, the simple task of jotting down notes on a piece of paper has been revolutionized. You can now keep all important information and reminders in the palm of your hand. Reminders can be centralized in a single note and can be accessed on the go, at any time. Apple’s latest stylus called Pencil can be used for drawing, handwriting, and other precision inputs that are beyond finger touches. With the help of mobile and iPad applications, you can now make to do lists to simplify your work and ensure you don’t forget a single thing.

1. GoodNotes

Developed by iOS, GoodNotes is a simple easy to use app that helps you take notes on your iPad. GoodNotes allows you to create multiple notebooks according to your requirements. Adding images and charts is now possible with GoodNotes. At the price of $7.99, GoodNotes allows you to use the handwriting feature that indexes your notes for you. You can access these notes from its updated archive at any time.

2. Notability

Similar to Goodnotes, Notability’s sophisticated user interface is evident as soon as you begin using the app. With Notability you can easily create to do lists, make notes and set reminders. Algorithms are developed which detect pressure sensitivity and palm rejection as well. In addition to this, you can also add images, charts and web pages to your notes. However, Notability does not include the handwriting feature. The price point of $3.99 is what makes Notability attractive.

3. Notes Plus

Boasting of the ability to convert handwritten notes to text, Notes Plus is arguably the best handwriting app for iPad. Available in the App Store at a price of $6.99, Notes Plus supports a built in browser so that you can look up additional information at any time. Packed with all basic features like folder management, PDF search and image insertion, Notes Plus is well worth its price.

4. Evernote

Probably one of the most popular apps in Apple’s app store, Evernote is a simple and easy to use. Existing users will find it easy to switch between operating systems and devices. Packed with all basic features, Evernote is free of cost and can be upgraded with premium features as well. 

5. Penultimate

Created by Evernote, Penultimate is significantly more advanced than its parent. Optimized for the new iPad Pro, you can expect cutting edge features from this app. Depending on the pressure sensitivity; the font thickness can be adjusted. In addition to this, you can also analyze your handwritten notes and search for handwritten text. Free of cost, Penultimate can be enhanced by in app purchases.  Complete with image support, multiple notebooks and web page support, Penultimate is a nifty app for professionals.

In our fast paced lives, it is possible for us to forget important tasks. Therefore, with the help of these applications you can always keep a track of things to do, important events and reminders. These applications are changing the way we go about our day to day lives and are enhancing our lifestyles in unimaginable ways. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

7 Things That Can Make Your Branded Mobile Apps Successful

Everyone wants to use an app that can give them the best results with their minimal interference (Ease-level). So, it is essential that you create the best with least possible errors. Strategy input while making these mobile applications plays a vital role in deciding if your app is going to be a blast at the play store or a total flop.

mobile app development

So here are 7 things that can help you in creating a successful branded mobile application:

1. To-the-point Content

Branded mobile app developers should focus on providing the exact information to the users rather than a mesh of incomplete information. The content should be creative and catchy and must not look like a business deal. Rather it must be something users can relate with in a precise manner. Also the exact to-the-point content viral the app advertisement to a bigger traffic which indirectly promotes the application to a larger online population.

2. Defined set of Features

Applications are most often an outlining of the particular websites. So, you need not to stuff it right ahead with every damn feature the website has. Rather focus on providing just limited features in the application that are just exact what users expect from it. Remember mobile apps are not an advertisement campaign but a much easier accessible tool to the service.

3. Think like a User

If you are designing an app that has to be targeted to a specific age group or a kind then it is very much essential for you to think like a user rather than a developer. Organize surveys both online and offline to know what the people actually want from and inside the app. Then accordingly inculcate features that can suit the users in the best way possible.

4. Effective UI (User Interface)

This plays the most important role in deciding that whether or not your app is going to be successful and famous. This means providing a platform where users can interact easily rather than switching to a website for completing their works. Every user wants the maximum work to be done on their mobile phones rather than on any other electronic device because of its ease. Easy compatible applications helps user to complete their maximum tasks on these applications.

5. Testing after Release

This thing helps in removing operational errors according to the performance. Keeping a regular check at the functionalities after it has officially been released reveals about what problems are users facing while using it and accordingly you can replace them, eliminate or reduce their effects to make it even much better.

6. Uni-directional focus

If you are planning to make a marketing app for your website then make sure you remain focused on that only. Releasing gaming apps for the same cause could never fetch you better results. Like for eg: games related to a particular team in IPL ( Indian Premier League) are every year launched on the play store to gain support and marketing for the team but they fail to compete with other good games designed by the experts. This can result more into a failure and is a waste of time.

7. Delay should never be a problem

Work progressively on your application rather than completing it at once. Delays can be done if your app does not meet up the deadline. Don’t worry if you have already declared the dates of release but cannot make it up on the same date. Delays are never the problem, faulty apps are. So, make sure than you are launching the best no matter if it’s even late to do so.

AppInventiv is a leading top rated app development company providing offshore software outsourcing solutions to business across the globe. Our team has experience in iOS, Android, Web and Server-side technologies and works with truly disruptive startups as their technology execution partner.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

7 Things “Not-to-Ignore” Before An Android App Development

Learning about making an Android app may not be an easy procedure but is rather an interesting one. Today, we have millions of these android applications fighting to book their own spots in the android world but only the best ones wins the trust and reliability of the people. It’s not that the other applications are completely useless but the difference lies in the tactics and strategies their developers use while making them. One must be completely aware of the tactics experts use to distinguish their apps from millions of the rest.
android app development
So here are some things you must follow and inculcate for a successful app development:

#1. Discover about what the present market condition of your desirable OS platform is

Before starting making an app you should be completely aware about the present demands and the situation of the OS platform you want to work on. This is examined by the user base and their visiting statistics of a past few years. Obviously not everyone owns an iPhone today but you can easily find an android phone with almost everyone which shows how much vast this market is. Also, an android app involves little investment than the apps for an iOS. So, creating an app for android is much more beneficial than making it for iOS.

#2. Make it as simple as 1+1 is

Today, only those apps are successful which ensures the simplicity in their operation. An app must be designed in such a way that anyone with even a little knowledge can properly make use of it. It’s like Fan base and Simplicity are directly proportional to each other. The simpler and effective your app is the more fan base it would gain. So, ensure simplicity and effectiveness rather than stuffing it with unnecessary features.

#3. Design to Globalize

Fan base will be good if the app you want to prepare covers the interests of the people throughout the world and this is a very important key to a successful app. Take for example the case of “PokemonGo”. This game got launched in every part of the world and the rest we all are aware about.

#4. Keep in mind the” Compatibility”

The app you want to make should be compatible in any android device or version (kitkat, lollipop, Marshmallow etc.) rather than a particular kind in general. Focus on the entire Android OS platform rather than a particular handset or device. So, make it compatible to every android device to score a huge fan base.

#5. Launch with perfection

The app you have been making should attain perfection in everything. Obviously, no one would like responding to a lot of malfunctioning reports after its release. Rather, test it again and again to know the errors and prepare it’s online working reports. Make sure you are launching the most perfect thing on the platform rather than regretting it afterwards.

#6. Make it an “All-time app”

Your application must be such that the people can access it anytime they want, even if they do not have any internet connectivity for it. For eg: Google maps includes an offline feature too so that it can be used during emergencies as well. This helped Google ensure a wider fanbase and user reliability. So In short, your app must be an All-time app if you want greater reliability from the users.

#7. Work within the Android design guidelines

Before developing an app, the developer must go thoroughly through the guidelines for an app design. If you want that your app is displayed in the same way as it is before the launch, then make sure you are meeting up the android design guidelines. It makes it smooth and easy to launch and your app is displayed in the same way you want at the Google play store. So be aware about them.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

5 Essential Features of a Corporate Mobile App

Mobile apps have become a medium between business and its customers. Developing a dedicated app for your customers is one of the best decisions you can make as people want to be in control when deciding how and when to interact with their favourite brands.

However, not all apps become successful and a lot of people do lose interest in them and uninstall them because they fail to meet their expectations.

These recommendations refer to the most sought-after features which your mobile app should have if you really want to provide the best user experience to your customers.

Here are 5 must have features of a corporate mobile app:

#1. Keep it simple, stupid

“The greatest ideas are the simplest”. During the brainstorming session you will come up with a lot of ideas but when you are actually implementing your ideas, then you will encounter a lot of difficulties in making the final product. So it is very essential to keep in mind that the quality and feature of your mobile app must be simple and easy to use.

#2. Meet the Demands of the Users

Developing a killer app is not that difficult but the most important thing for an app to sustain in the field is through support. Updating the app or fixing the issues are the most important aspect for a startup to focus at.

#3. Integration with Social Networks

These days, most of the people are spending their time on social media platforms. So the developer should develop an app which is integrated with all the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

#4. Offline capabilities

Great mobile apps can be used even in areas where wireless and mobile internet is not available. After all, this is the essence of the concept of mobility: being able to go anywhere even atop the highest mountain you can climb and still have the ability to access content on a mobile phone.

#5. Free of crashes

Apart from these 4 tips, you should make sure that your app should be reliable, fast and should not crash often. No one wants to use an app that is slow and is full of bugs. Therefore, before putting a release, test the app like crazy and leave no chances of error.

All the above factors are extremely essential for a good app and if these are not considered in the development, then the users will ultimately find their way out from the application which will result less number of people using the app.